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The clarinet (French: clarinette, German: Klarinette, Italian: clarinetto or clarino) is a woodwind instrument with a single reed and a cylindrical body and bore. It is used in classical as well as in popular music and in jazz and played by hundreds of thousands of professionals and amateurs alike, world wide.

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With this page I want to give you lots of hopefully interesting and useful information. It is my intention to serve the beginner as well as the experienced players. This is a not-for-profit project by one amateur clarinet player, so it's neither sponsored by the instrument industry nor is it trying to sell you anything except maybe the author's enthusiasm. There are some Google Ads - they make the site pay for the server; but they are clearly separated from the contents. Ads are no recommendations by the author.

The original German web site dates back to the mid nineties. There was no similar page in the web in English, and several people from all over the world mailed me and asked me to translate it. In 2003 I caught a serious infect and hat to spend a month in hospital for treatment - it was boring indeed, and I had a lot of time, so I started the translation. Nevertheless the German site is usually a bit more up-to-date and more sophisticated in appearance, plus the language is more elaborate, but I always try to catch up with the English. Today I receive a similar number of mails referring to the English and the German page. I know the project is not perfect at all and may never be finished. A lot of things have changed in the internet the last ten years, Wikipedia articles have become really good and specific (I sometimes write there myself) and there are excellent resources on YouTube, but still there seems to be some need for this page so I continue...

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